The Minerals Council doesn’t ‘get it’

The Minerals Council and mining industry in general just don’t get it – it’s not the ‘great unwashed’ who want to stop inappropriate mining and coal seam gas.

It’s farmers, country residents, tourism operators, and wine makers who are against this relentless, unsustainable dash-for cash by a minority industry

And people who want to eat clean food and drink clean water, and economists who recognise the unsustainable nature of digging it all up as quickly as possible for export, and journalists who realise that what the miners & drillers are doing is a giant con job

It’s small business operators in country towns who see that for every mining job created in the bush, 1.7 sustainable agricultural jobs are lost – perhaps forever

It’s the health professionals who are dealing with the collateral damage of living so close to gas wells

It is normal people fed up with the corruption in politics

It is scientists and professionals working in water systems, groundwater and geology who see the incredible risks are just not worth taking

It is energy professionals who see that ‘gas as a transition’ is a con job to prop up an unsustainable industry instead of focusing their energies on appropriate climate-change friendly fossil-fuel-free energy alternatives

It’s NOT the great unwashed who object to your insidious activities, you foolish, greedy miners!



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