The Minerals Council doesn’t ‘get it’

The Minerals Council and mining industry in general just don’t get it – it’s not the ‘great unwashed’ who want to stop inappropriate mining and coal seam gas. It’s farmers, country residents, tourism operators, and wine makers who are against this relentless, unsustainable dash-for cash by a minority industry And people who want to eat…

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Banquet Portrait

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Whilst working on the picture desk in the Media Centre for the organisers, I was asked to bring a suit. I was given about a half hour’s notice that this was the gig … Photographing 50 Kings Queens Presidents & Prime Ministers for the “Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Banquet Portrait”….

Replacing NSW ICAC Comissioner was Politically Motivated

If I could give you a green pill that lets you see that NSW Premier Mike Baird’s decision to gut ICAC was to save the career of federal Cabinet Secretary Arthus Sinodinos and stop any further examination into the approval of the Great Barrier Reef Coal Mine … would you take it?